[Histonet] Monoethanolamine as a formalin neutralizer

From:Mike Kirby

Hi Guys.

Has anyone had any experience in using monoethanolamine as a formalin
neutralizer? The reason I ask is that I came across an article in this
regard, which stated that the chemical (Used in the automotive industry to
clean parts) was found to be an effective neutralizer of formaldehyde,
produced no precipitates, was cheap, and the resultant product was a
nontoxic imine alcohol.
We are familiar with the method of using ammonia as a neutralizer, and are
aware that there are many commercial products in the same line,
(Unfortunately, not available to us in the wilds of Africa), and we
wondering whether monoethanolamine would be a viable alternative.

Mike Kirby
South Africa.

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