cutting trouble....


      I have a cutting problem with parrafin block... I dont know where is the problem... When we cut the kidney, liver or pituitary and some other tissues (mouse), the cut seem like dry and where the tissu is in the block, the parraraffin roll.  Firstly, I tried to change the processing for to be sure that it's not the deshydratation. The temperature of the parrafin is about 60 C in the proccessor and the embedding station. Normally, we let the block about 30min in the ice before cutting but now we need more than 1:30 hre for to have a nice section. I think to change my parraffin... I use tissueprep 2 from fisher. What do you think? Help me!!!!! :) 

Patrice Boulianne
 Histopathotechnologist RT

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