a bit more RE: SV 40 T-Ag

From:"Morken, Tim"

Besides the details below, I should have mentioned that the primary is
incubated for an hour at room temp.


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Hi Bonnie, we are using this antibody from Oncogene:

SV40 T Ag (Ab-2), Oncogene cat# DP02, clone: PAb416

We use it with steam AR in BioGenex Citra buffer. (boil citra buffer in
microwave, then place slides in hot buffer and put in steam chamber for 20
min. Cool in running distilled water, then on with the run). We use it at
1:500, with DAKO LSAB2 alk phos kit.

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Hi All,

Anyone using this (from Oncogene)?  If so, please share protocol info with
me.  I have VERY limited control to work with and need to hit it as close as
possible at the 1st try.


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