With Many Thanks!!!!!!!


Hello Histoneters,  This is Bill Arnold.  I am the husband that asked for 
support for my wife.  All I can say is I am truley thankful for your 
thoughts, comments, advice, etc.  It really made my wife, Consuelo, feel 
better and she knows she is not alone in what she is going through.  To 
update ya'll, Consuelo turned in her resignation on friday afternoon.  The 
personnel office told her she needed to go in so they could explain her 
benefits.  After waiting for 20 minutes, the lady in charge fo personnel came 
in and took her letter and didn't explain anything!  My wife asked about the 
on-call that she was underpaid for over 5 years (1995-2000) and the lady said 
she couldn't do anything about 1995 but would research the rest. Yeah right!  
Her boss underpaid her all those years (comes up to about $14,000) but she 
was afraid to say anything because she didn't want more problems.  I f they 
don't do anything about we have been told to report them to the Texas 
Earnings Commission.  She does have most of her pay stubs.  On sunday, she 
went to the Lab to pick up her things and the security that we had requested, 
 treated her like a criminal.  When she asked the security guard why she was 
being treated like a criminal he stated, We don't know peoples intentions!"  
He kept asking her why she had been fired and she told him that she had 
resigned.  Then he would ask her why she had been forced to resign! Kept 
going on and on. He wouldn't let me go inside the lab to help her with her 
things and my daughter and I waited outside.  All I can say is that I am 
really glad that my wife no longer works at Rio Grande Regional Hospital in 
McAllen, Texas!!!!  We have on audio tape where the lady in charge of 
personnel said that they would not put in her file that she is not available 
for rehire.  Do you think we should trust these people?  This lady is a close 
personal friend of her EX boss..  Sorry to run on but I again want to thank 
all of you for your messages! My wife has saved everyone of them and plans on 
getting in touch with a few of you, if you all don't mind.  I fthere is 
anything my wife or I can do for anyone, just ask.  My wife is very good at 
what she does/did and has the certificate in Immunohistochemistry, which she 
got on her own with no help from anyone at the hospital.. I am very proud of 
my wife and hope someday she can practice what she loves in a peaceful or at 
the least in a appreciative atmosphere.    Sincerely,  Bill Arnold     PS  
Even though I am not a histologist, is it allright if I write to the histonet 
and stay in touch. I feel we have alot of friends out there that we did not 
know and I'd like to keep you all updated on what is going on.  I have not 
given up on righting a wrong!!!!!!!!

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