Re: wife needs help/advice or moral support/ from worried husband

From:Paul Howard Lockwood

To All,
     There is another alternative to leaving a job. If there is enough documentation, and enough witnesses, a civil suit for slander and libilous remarks is appropritate. The 
only reason why people would make such remarks is office politics. The only reason why it would go on for so long is obviously that the people making these remarks 
have no basis for actually terminating Ms Arnold.
     It is a sad comment upon the pathology profession that the lab manager and pathologist cannot exhibit more professionalism. It is also a sad comment upon the 
hospitals administrators that they have not done anything, or have remained ignorant of the situation. The filing of a civil action, while it may seem drastic, may be just the 
thing to wake them from their complacency.
    Paul Lockwood

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