Re: section adhesives/blue haze

From:Mike & Phyllis Thaxton

  Do you use a clarifier or differentiation step in your H&E? We tried a 
different H&E without using a clarifier or differentiation step and we got 
the blue haze as well so we switched back.

>From: "Mack, Jacquie" 
>To: "''" 
>Subject: section adhesives/blue haze
>Date: Tue, 21 Jan 2003 15:19:43 -0700
>We have noticed an artifact that we are calling the "BLUE HAZE".  We use
>Sta-On section adhesive in our water baths.  When more than 10 mL for 2 L 
>water is used, we've noticed this artifact.  Does anyone else have this
>problem?  Any thoughts?
>Thanks in advance,
>Jacqueline Mack
>Tech III Department of Histopathology
>Foothills Hospital
>Calgary Lab Services
>ph (403) 944-1574
>fax (403) 270-4093
>e mail:

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