Re: jdbgmgr virus is a hoax

From:Paul Howard Lockwood

To All,
     I've noticed over the past few months the number of virus hoaxes where people are told to delete a particular file. Later this file is discovered to be a vital part of 
windows, or a vital part of some subroutine of windows. The pattern has become clear: Hackers are having a lot of fun convincing, and conning, windows users into 
rendering their operating systems useless. It makes their "work" easier.
     My suggestion, for what is worth: Though it is a bit time consuming, become familar with you operating systems files.
     Paul Lockwood
1/20/03 8:29:38 PM, Tracey Gunn  wrote:
>   Hi all,
>   I read the previous email regarding the virus, so searched my files and
>   installed.  The 'Doubting Thomas' in me stopped my fingers from deleting
>   the file, and I looked up the internet for email hoaxes.  As I thought, it
>   is a hoax, so do not delete this file.  Below is the information from the
>, and a link to help you re-install the file if you have deleted
>   Have a happy day
>   Tracey Gunn.
>   The Jdbgmgr Hoax
>   April 2002
>   The jdbgmgr hoax is almost the same as the sulfnbk hoax in that it tells
>   you to delete a program that was installed with Windows. jdbmgr.exe is the
>   Java Debugger Manager and does have an icon that looks like a Teddy Bear.
>   impossible to have a copy of jdbmgr.exe that is infected by a virus but
>   that virus will be detected by your antivirus software.
>   replace jdbgmgr.exe if you have deleted information on how to
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