Re: Powervision

From:"Brett, Lawrence"

Yes I've done a comparison with a couple of other polymer-based detection
systems and PowerVision is certainly the most sensitive of this type. In
fact it's the most sensitive I've found apart from Tyramide amplification.
It does require an extra blocking step which makes it slightly slower than
Envision for example, but it's very good.

Lawrence Brett
Senior BMS

I just finished reading the article in The Journal of Histotechnology
comparing Powervision+ to other biotin-free detection reagents.  This
reagent looks promising, yet in the histonet archives, it has not been
mentioned.  Anyone using this (or tried it) want to comment on it?  Is it
the answer to all of our prayers?

Thank you


  James E. Staruk, HT(ASCP)
   Mass Histology Service
(A division of DVMLab, Inc.)

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