Re: Parts for Reichert Jung 2030

Hi Cynthia,
      Leica Microsystems is the new name for "Reichert Jung" and we
probably have repair parts for your holder. I need to find which of 8
possible holders you might have on your RM2030.
Don Birgerson
Application Specialist
Technical Assistance Center
1-800-248-0123  ext. 5918 on 01/20/2003 04:58:29 PM

Subject:    Parts for Reichert Jung 2030

I am looking for parts my Reichert Jung 2030.  I found web sites but all
they offer are new or used machines.
Does anyone know where I might purchase a new front and backplate for the
knife holder?

Thank you
Cynthia Frederick, HT
Los Gatos, CA

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