Re: PAS-trichrome (Boss etc)

From:Bryan Llewellyn

Could it be that the pathologist is thinking of Lillie's trichrome-PAS
stain, more commonly known as the TriPAS.  It was originally suggested as a
method for differentiating alpha and beta cells in the pituitary, so I don't
see what use it would be on cardiac muscle.  However, I have had stranger
requests.  If this is what he wants, the procedure is simple.

First do a standard PAS, followed by celestine blue-hemalum for nuclei, then
2% orange G in 5% phosphotungstic acid for 10-15 seconds, rinse briefly,
clear and mount.

When making the orange G, dissolve the PTA first, add the orange G and mix
thoroughly.  Do not filter, let it settle for a couple of days.

Bryan Llewellyn

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