Re: Ink for margins

From:Kathleen Boozer

We use Higgins Waterproof Drawing Ink
Black India
No. 4418
Item #44204 (Boise Cascade Office Supply)
32 Fl. Oz. - 947.2 ml

This is considerably cheaper than from a medical supply place.  Some of
our pathologists use Bouins and others use a 5% Glacial Acetic Acid we
make ourselves to set.

>>> dana  01/26/03 10:25PM >>>
Dear All

Could someone advice what can be used in place of black ink for
margins? We have been using Steadtler marsmatic ink and are told it has
discontinued. We looked all over Johannesburg and found the Rotring
ink. But
it also was sold out. If there is another type of ink besides these
please inform. Is there also a dye we can use and how to prepare it.


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