Re: Bacteria Stain

From:Cindy/Rick DuBois

We use a McDonalds Gram Stain.  It works beautifully and only takes 5 minutes.  It uses:
Carbol Fuschin
Gentian violet
Grams decolorizer
Grams Iodine 
Our doctors love this over the brown & brenn

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From: "Dunn-Jena, Patsy A" 
Sent: 01/16/03 12:30 PM
Subject: Bacteria Stain

> Need to know which stain most of you feel most comfortable with to check
for bacteria.  Was instructed to do a Brown & Brenn which has not come out to 
my satisfaction any of the 3 times I have done it.  FINALLY have them
convinced to let me try a Brown & Hopps.  Any words of advice would be greatly
appreciated.  This is being done on Formalin Fixed, EDTA decalcified
paraffin embedded bone/tooth sections. 

Patsy Dunn-Jena, RVT, LAT, HT (ASCP)
Indiana University School of Dentistry
Mineralized Tissue and Histology Research Laboratory
Indianapolis, IN


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