Re: Apoptosis

From:Dale Osborne

	We get caspase-3 from Cell Signaling (#9661) and it works well 
with paraffin-embedded and frozen sections of mouse spleen and thymus.  
We've tried TUNEL but found it to have too many false positives.

Good luck,
Dale Osborne
Washington University School of Medicine
Anesthesiology Dept.
St. Louis, MO 

On Fri, 24 Jan 2003, Matt McElwee wrote:

> Hello Histonetters.
> I'm trying to find a cost-effective way to measure apoptosis in free
> floating mouse brain sections.  I know that TUNEL is the gold standard
> for apoptosis, but, from what I've seen, it would be prohibitively
> expensive to do this in the relatively large volume required for free
> floating sections.  I was thinking it might be cheaper to do IHC for
> cleaved caspase-3 where I could do an extended incubation in highly
> diluted antibody.  Does anyone know of a good antibody to cleaved
> caspase-3, or any other protein specific to apoptosis?  Any help would
> be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.
> Matt   
> Matt McElwee
> Research Specialist
> Department of Surgery
> K4/617 Clinical Science Center
> 600 Highland Avenue
> Madison, WI 53792
> (608) 263-7648

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