Re: Anti-C3 IgG antibody

Hi Liz,

we did on mouse frozen tissue immunofluorescence (IF) for C3 with antibody from Anawa : sheep anti-mouse complement 3, dilution 1:1000, overnight incubation.
As far as I remember it was not working on formalin fixed tissue.  We prefer to do IF because immunohistochemistry showed to much background.
Hope this helps.

Antje Marcantonio
Novartis Pharma AG
BU Transplantation Research

Elizabeth Chlipala <>

22.01.2003 20:54

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        Subject:        Anti-C3 IgG antibody

Hello all

I need a little help.  I have been asked to do immunohistochemistry on
anti-C3.  I need an antibody that will work on mouse tissue and on formalin
fixed, decaled specimens, can anyone give me some advice.  Thanks in

Liz Chlipala

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