Prior to my arrival in my current lab - the researchers would fix tissues in zinc fixative (Strecks) for 48 hours prior to transfer to 70% ETOH.  Some of the tissues I subsequently processed for IHC had been in 70% for up to 9 months. IHC staining was fine.  Where I noticed zinc precipitate in some of the storage containers, I rinsed the specimens in fresh 70% to avoid the artifact in the sections. If I can't process tissues after 48 hours in STF,  I transfer the zinc fixed tissues to 50% for a few hours before putting them in fresh 70%.  I think it keeps the precipitate down.

Jackie O'Connor HT(ASCP)
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Mary Parker <>

01/29/2003 10:18 AM


Does anyone have any suggestions about the length of time tissues fixed in zinc tris fixative , for IHC, and transferred to 70% alcohol for holding, can remain in the 70% alcohol before processing to paraffin blocks?

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