RMS, Cell Biology and Histochem Ann. Meeting

From:Chris van der Loos

Dear Histofriends,

Especially for the our histofriends in the UK and surrounding countries we 
would like to draw attention for the following meeting:

The Cell Biology and Histochemistry Annual Meeting, March 19th 2003.
The Royal College of Pathologists
2 Carlton House Terrace, London, SW1Y 5AF

Invited speakers:
Peter van de Plas (Wageningen, Netherlands)
"Immunogold/silver staining techniques in light microscopy".

Michael Knoblauch (Giessen, Germany)
"Microscopical study of a phloem protein".

Fede Brandizzi (Oxford, England)
GFP highlights new insights in ER-to-Golgi transport in tobacco cells".

Richard Bende (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
"Laser assisted micro dissection: empowering molecular techniques with a 
microscopical focus".

Thil Boon (Leiden, Netherlands)
"Microwaves in tissue processing: ten years of development".

Nicola Wood (Invergowrie, Scotland)
Confocal microscopy as a powerful tool for functional genomics".

Furthermore we would like to draw your attention to the imminent closing 
date for the
Royal Microscopical Society Young Histochemist Prize. This award
is presented by the Society every four years and the competition is
open to British Ph.D. students who are under 35 years of age and
work in any area of Microscopy / Cell and Tissue Imaging / Cell
Biology / Cytochemistry / Histochemistry etc.  This is a prestigious
award and comes with a prize of a trip to San Diego for the
International Congress of Histochemistry and Cytochemistry in 2004.
If you know of any eligible Ph.D. students, please encourage them to
apply. Send your abstracts to: judith@rms.org.uk

The prize winner will be selected from registrants who provide 250-
word poster abstracts for inclusion in the Royal Microscopical
Society Annual Cell Biology and Histochemistry Meeting in London
on Wednesday 19th March 2003.  Four abstracts will be selected to
present short (15 minute) oral presentations and one of these will be
chosen as the RMS Young Histochemist 2003.

Further details of the meeting can be found at the RMS website: www.rms.org.uk
We would be very grateful if you could print out these
details or forward this email to members of your lab. who may be
interested in attending the meeting or applying for the Young
Histochemist prize.

Many thanks for your help,
Alison Roberts, PhD (Scottish Crop Research Institute, Dundee, Scotland)
Chris van der Loos, PhD (Academic Medical Center, Amsterdam, Netherlands)

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