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From:"LUCAS Robert (RF4) BHR Hospitals"

The Leica Autostainer can stain H&E's and special stains and I would
recommend it. It cannot however stain immuno's  (unless you fill up the
staining trough with several hundred mls of diluted antisera which would
cost a fortune.). I don't know of any machine that will stain immuno's,
H&E's and special stains. Some of the immunostaining machines "claim" to be
able to do special stains, but we tried this with a Biogenix machine and it
was hopeless. Dako sell special stains to go on their immunostaining machine
but the cost would be very expensive compared to in-house stains and as for
H&E's, immunostainers tend not to have the capacity to cope with a daily

Rob Lucas
King George Hospital

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> I need some information about autostainers. I need to find out which are
> the
> best autostainers. My supervisor wants to possibly buy one....are there
> stainers that can run H&E's as well as Immuno.'s and other special stains?
> Any input would be greatly appreciated.
>      Thanks alot!
> Valerie

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