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Hi Jacquie,
You should have seen the blue haze in the old days when home made egg albumin adhesive was applied with a dropper and spread with a finger. 
No matter what anyone says, it's still mass action and isoelectric points that probably cause it. 
So, how big is the print on the sign that says, "Absolutely no more that 4.25ml of "Sta-On"* / Liter of water for mounting sections?!?"
*One might wonder if there is another proprietary fluid that has the nomen, "Sta-Off"?
Oh well, enough damage done,
Sorry Jacquie, but I suspect that the 'BLUE HAZE" has been published in some methods books.  Again, in the old days, it was possible for students to create a "RED-PURPLE HAZE" by REALLY overstaining with alcoholic eosin after applying lots of adhesive.  Some would apply so much that the sections would never 'stay-on'.  Of course, the anguished student cry was always, "The albumin isn't working right!"
good luck and cheers,
Fred Monson

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We have noticed an artifact that we are calling the "BLUE HAZE".  We use Sta-On section adhesive in our water baths.  When more than 10 mL for 2 L of water is used, we've noticed this artifact.  Does anyone else have this problem?  Any thoughts?
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