RE: pens to write on Fisher slides and cassettes

From:Fred Underwood

I use the secureline marker 2 from Thermoshandon. Catalog #1451(black) or 1456(red), phone 1-800-547-7429.  Occasionally the tips clog, but a brief dip in xylene clears them up.
Fred Underwood
Montgomery County Coroner

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	Dr. Neumann, 

	I use the TBS Shur/Mark marking pens VWR cat # 15148 036 for black pens.  You have to prime them to start the ink flowing.  Eventually, when the tips become blunt or priming doesn't help the flow of ink, you pull out the tip and replace it (replacement tips VWR cat # 15148 032), and voila, you can use all of the ink that is in the pen.  I've never had any problem with them.

	Teri Johnson 
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Subject: pens to write on Fisher slides and cassettes 

	Hi everyone, does anyone know of a real reliable pen to write labels on 
slides and cassettes prior to processing/staining that won't rub off or smear 
in formalin, alcohol and xylene and wax, etc?  Thanks for  your help in 
advance.  We are  using Pathology Specialist Pen  UPC 308 5 9, from Pacific 
Southwest and they just recently started to smear badly on our slides after 
months of good success with them.  Alice Neumann M.D. Precision Pathology PC 
Arvada, CO 

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