RE: freezing tissue - method?

From:"Charles W. Scouten, Ph.D."

The faster you freeze tissue, the smaller the ice crystals, the less
damage to cells.

Liquid Nitrogen can be too much of a good thing, the entire block of
tissue can crack from the extremely cold freezing.  

Liquid hexane is good, but must be contained against evaporation. 

Check out the following link:

Include this in your grant, and you will never be sorry.


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I'm sort of conducting a survey - how do you freeze blocks prior to
cryostat sectioning? A PI in our department is writing a grant and
to include a freezing set-up (we just use a dewar of LN2 now) - the only
equipment I've come across on the web is the giant NesLab bath. Is a
styrofoam cooler of LN2 with a beaker of some solvent still a reasonable
way to go, or is there some spiffy gizmo we can buy?

Thanks! (Sorry about the cross-post for those of you on both lists)


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