RE: celestine blue - iron alum

From:"Nader, Alexander"

> I believe the original paper introducing iron alum mordanted celestine
> blue B was:
> Proescher, F. and Arkush, A. S. (1928),
> Metallic lakes of the oxazines (gallamin blue, gallocyanin 
> and coelestin
> blue) as nuclear stain substitutes for hematoxylin.
> Stain Technology, v3, p28-38.

I found a German reference on a modification of an elastica stain by Unna
using coelestin blue and iron alum (P. G. Unnas Färbemethoden. Handbuch der
Hautkrankheiten, volume 6, 1; Berlin, 1927). Unna died 1929 in Hamburg and
Frederick Proescher was a student of Paul Ehrlich. Maybe Paul Ehrlich or
Carl Weigert "invented" this method? (Paul Ehrlich, Rudolf Krause, Max
Mossem Heinrich Rosin, Carl Weigert: Enzyklopaedie der mikroskopischen
Technik. 2nd ed; Berlin and Vienna, 1910).

Just an idea.

Alexander Nader

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