RE: anti beta galactosidase immunos

Hi Carl!  Dent's is 80% methanol, 20% DMSO. I thought that alcohols were supposed to destroy enzyme activity, but I guess this is a kinder, gentler fix.  It appears to give us the ability to back up our x-gal staining with antibody labeling in paraffin embedded tissue for our research.
I am also trying some tissue in Carnoy's to see how that will work.
THANKS for the word on TRIS ph10.  Is this used with microwave or hot plate as with citrate?  Would love to try it.   Maureen

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Thanks, Maureen. But...what is Dent's fixing fluid, please?
Have you tried the various retrieval buffers? eg I have 5 ABs that work
"poorly" in citra pH 6 but are ....wonderful, in TRIS pH10. 

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