RE: agar embedding

From:Chris van der Loos

Dear Laurie,
Please have a look at:
Kerstens et al. J. Histochem. Cytochem 48:709-718, 2000. E-mail address of 
first author is in the paper. I am sure Harold Kerstens will answer your 
specific questions.

Chris van der Loos
Academic Medical Center
Dept. of Cardiovascular Pathology
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Laurie wrote:
 >Date: 14 Jan 2003 18:27:11 -0600
 >From: Laurie Reilly 
 >Subject: Agar embedding
 >Could somebody please provide me with a protocol for embedding tiny
 >specimens in agar and then processing the agar block through ethanol and
 >xylene and into paraffin. My attempts so far have produced severely shrunken
 >and hard lumps of unrecognisable agar.
 >Thanks in advance.
 >Regards,  Laurie.
 >Mr.Laurie Reilly
 >Physiology & Pharmacology
 >Aust.Inst.of Tropical Vet.& Animal Sc.
 >James Cook University
 >Townsville  Qld. 4811

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