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SeonaCherie and interested others:
I have procedures for all but Masson's on dishes. In general you can stain cells as you would sections but keep in mind a few things: After you have removed the media from the cells allow them to air dry completely before fixation. Apply the fixative gently from a pipette using half the volume of the well (e.g. 12 well plate each well generally holds 2 mL of media, so you can apply 1 mL of fixative). After they have fixed (usually 15 - 30 minutes at room temp is sufficient), dump the fixative off the dishes, rinse by immersion in a shallow container that is being filled with gently running water. The only way I know how to do this is one dish at a time. Allow the plates to air dry before staining.
I can fax, mail or email the procedures to you. Your call. Let me know. Donna Montague

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Does anyone out there have a procedure for staining cultured cells in the culture dish? We will be doing an Alizrin Red, an O Red O, Masson Trichrome and Alkaline Phosphotase.
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