RE: Minnesota histology mistake

From:Susan Bell

RE:  the comment below "Amazing how same names crop up together so 
frequently", when I was in labor with my first child, the labor nurse 
informed me that another Susan Bell had just been admitted, so there 
were two of "us" in the labor and delivery area.  A couple of days 
latter, during morning rounds, a doctor I didn't know came in and 
started asking me questions about how I was doing, etc.  He looked 
kind of confused.  I asked him again who he was (since my own doctor 
and the resident had already visited me).  I suggested maybe he was 
looking for the other Susan Bell.  He exclaimed "oh, thank goodness, 
because you don't look at all familiar!"

Susan Bell
(one of many!)

At 5:04 PM +0000 1/29/03, Marshall Terry Dr, Consultant Histopathologist wrote:
>Thanks to all who replied as to what this was about, so that the 
>rest of the world might know.
>I have been very conscious of this type of problem for years, and 
>more so since I became a certified old fart, with seborroeic warts, 
>skin tags, and a lessening ability to see close up without reading 
>Now, it is a fact that I cannot read slide labels or request forms 
>without glasses, and putting these on between slides is a *huge* 
>I have made the same mistake, but caught it in time, on numerous 
>occasions. One of the biggest problems re. labelling is the use of 
>dot-matrix printers for patient labels, years after the printer has 
>run dry of ink!
>Having tried to get this remedied and failed, one has to wonder what 
>is going on in the world. People don't seem to want to take measures 
>to avoid mistakes.
>Only a few years ago, I had to give a small talk on "getting it 
>right in the laboratory" for a job interview.
>One of the points I made is that same names should be widely 
>separated as they go through the lab. (Amazing how same names crop 
>up together so frequently).
>When I aid this, every single listener looked at me as if I had come 
>from Mars!
>As for the pathologist  - there but for the grace of God go I.
>Terry L Marshall B.A.(Law), M.B.Ch.B., F.R.C.Path
>Consultant Histopathologist
>Rotherham General Hospital, Yorkshire


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