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From:"Weems, Joyce"

And we were told by our reference lab that Prefer is unsuitable for FISH. We
changed everything to 10% NBF. Also, patients are not allowed in some
clinical trials if FDA approved methods have not been used for performing
the EF, PR, Her2.

Joyce Weems
Pathology Manager
Saint Joseph's Hospital of Atlanta
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From: 	Mary Bryhan [mailto:mbryhan@NORTHERNHEALTH.ORG] 
Sent:	Monday, January 27, 2003 10:26 AM
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This has been a problem for us as well.  The FDA approval for Her2Neu has
only been granted for 10% NBF.  We are a Prefer fixative lab so we have to
send our Her2s out for FISH.  

Mary Bryhan HT (ASCP)
Team Leader Anatomic Pathology
Northern Michigan Hospital
Petoskey, MI USA

>>> "Marshall Terry Dr, Consultant Histopathologist"
 01/27/03 08:41AM >>>
We have just noticed from Dako that:

"Her 2 positivity is "compromised by other than phosphate buffered formalin
fixation" "

Since Her 2 seems to be the latest craze, this is of some concern.
Has anyone got any further details, or a rebuttal of this, particularly in
relation to zinc fixation?

Terry L Marshall B.A.(Law), M.B.Ch.B., F.R.C.Path
Consultant Histopathologist
Rotherham General Hospital, Yorkshire 

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