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I developed a sure-fire practice when I was a young graduate student and had
to get to the bar/pub at the right time each day.

		No matter the percentage, I did the following.  e.g. for 4%
aqueous gelatin:

		1.  Heat 100ml HOH to 40-45 degrees C while stirring
constantly on a magnetic hot plate.
		2.  While the water stirs, I learned to sprinkle the
granular gelatin on the surface of the spinning fluid so that each granule
was separately wetted.  Once wetted, a granule leaves the surface and
becomes suspended in the fluid column.
		3.  Once all dry material is suspended, I continued stirring
until no particulates were visible.  This usually took no more than 30min
past the time that I finished sprinkling the dry material.  Of course, if
autoclaving was required, then I did so immediately after wetting the dry
material.  I have only dumped dry gelatin into water as a bolus once in my
life (not including Jello, which one dumps into boiling water).  Then, the
gelatin formed a clump that didn't dissolve even when I brought the
suspension to a boil.
	The above always works for ME, and I assume you meant "DI" water,
but my method worked with any aqueous vehicle.


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Does anyone know how long it takes to dissolve gelatin in DI? Thanks


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