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Morning Shaun,
    You have posed a problem which seems very strange to one who has viewed elastin for almost 40 years.  Almost all differentiation is done by association.  That is,  identification as you want it has always been accomplished by those who can identify blood vessels and non-blood vessels (don't mean to be pompous!). 
    I do not know of any tinctorial or immunohistochemical methods that will differentiate the two domains with respect to elastic fibers.
    Indeed, I once had a fellow who insisted that because a monoclonal against human elastin would not demonstrate elastin in rabbit, that, clearly the rabbit had none. 
    I will, with you,look forward to any response that contradicts or amplifies mine.
Fred Monson

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Subject: Elastic stain variations

Dear All
I have been asked whether it is possible to perform an elastic stain which differentiates elastic fibers in tissue compared to elastic fibers in blood vessels.
Is there such a variation to our old EVG's which does this?
Shaun Kay

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