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We have an Occupational Health Department that works closely with the Preventive Medicine Department on these matters. We have had the Occupational Health Nurse, as well as other consultants that they request, to come and do site surveys. Of course, the repetitive motion tasks are closely looked at as well a long list of items/tasks. But the lab itself does not have a program in place specifically for our various departments. This is a growing field of study now that so many employees are having problems with repetitive motion injuries including myself. I was able to get our manual rotary microtomes replaced with automatic microtomes after I could not hardly use my right arm with unbelievable pain. After using a brace and giving the arm a rest for many weeks, I was able to function normally again. The automicrotomes have been a blessing. I will always have trouble with my right arm, but at least the newer techs to the histology field will be protected from these injuries. I have no idea if CAP will consider what has been implemented in our hospital as meeting their requirements, but I am certainly going to ask.

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I have been give the task of developing an ergonomics program for the laboratory, in response to CAP Checklist question GEN.70816, which reads, " Is there a defined ergonomics program, designed to prevent musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) in the workplace through prevention and engineering controls?"

Rather than start from beginning, I would like to hear how my fellow Histotechnologists and Cytotechnologists, have addressed, this CAP question.

Thanks, in advance for all your input.

Jim Robinson
Anatomic Pathology
Advocate Shared Labs

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