RE: B5 Fixative

From:Browning Deb

We currently purchase our zinc formalin from Fisher scientific.  However, I
would love to hear from other histonetters about their results with zinc.
Our hemato-pathologists are complaining that the morphology and staining of
the plasma cells in our bone biopsy specimens cannot be identified clearly.
We have tried varying the time in zinc, as well as the time in decal fluid,
but they are actually insisting that we fix the bone biopsies in B5.
Personally, I dread the thought of more mercury in the lab, but everything I
have tried so far has not achieved their goals.
Any suggestions???

	From:  Sharon Cassar[]
	Sent:  Monday, January 27, 2003 2:41 PM
	To:  HistoNet Server
	Subject:  B5 Fixative


	We're trying to switch from B5 fixative due to mercury to zinc
	Could anyone send me the formulation for zinc formalin fixative.

	Thank you

	Sharon Cassar
	Senior MLS

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