From:"Timothy R. Wheelock"

 Hi Everyone:

I am in the market for a microtome.

I have tested 3 fully automated machines and 3 manual machines.
The electric microtomes are the Richard Allan Microm HM 355 S, the 
Shandon  Finesse ME, and the Leica RM 2155.
I did reference checks on all 3 electric machines.

I eliminated the manual machines (by the same 3 companies) mainly 
because I found their flywheels much harder to turn than my present 30 
year old AO820!

I am leaning toward 1 of the electric microtomes, but thought I would 
ask people's opinion.
One of the many issues  i am concerned about is durability, workmanship, 
whether a machine is solidly built.

Thanks for your time,

Tim Wheelock
Harvard Brain Tissue Resource Center (Brain Bank)
McLean Hospital
Belmont, MA

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