Iron Stain Update

From:Cindy/Rick DuBois

I just thought I would thank all of you for the responses to my request for info on iron stains for bone marrow cores.
I took all the comments I received and wrote up an informative paper for my docs.  They decided that although the iron stain is somewhat decreased (possible false negatives), it is still an important stain to continue with as long as the pathologists place a disclaimer in the report addressing the validity of the stain on decalcified core biopsies.  All the docs have been instructed to base their observations on the staining of the clot and smear when provided.
     We are also trying a decal solution marketed as a solution that will maintain the antigenicity and staining quality of the tissue it is used on.  It will be interesting to see if anything changes. 
cindy dubois, ht
Delta Pathology 
Stockton, CA

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