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        I've been checking around the University campus asking if anyone has some phosphomolybdic acid sitting on a shelf looking lost. So far, nothing, "oh we got rid of that years ago" is the stock reply. It seems that only us old histologists know the value of these salts. Phosphotungstic acid, I've got enough to keep me going until I retire. I've even got a wee bottle of phosphotungstic acid that's absolutely brilliant for negative staining virus particles.  Tannic acid, again ok, I've got both Chinese and Turkish. I'd better stop, I'm starting to sound like a major Glasgow drug cartel.
        If you've got a bottle of phosphomolybdic you can part with then I'd gladly receive it and label it , The Allison bequest.

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Ian (and John and others)
The "ageing" of phosphotungstic and phosphomolybdic acids  is indeed
When I finaly finished a 500gm bottle of PTA - and you have to be aged
for that! - I found myself in great trouble.  I had to wait several years for
the new bottle to mature.
I did, however find the answer eventually.
I stopped doing any Neuro work.  That seemed to cure the problem.
Except..... I never did thr follow up test to determine whether the age of
the tinctorialist played any part.
Another PS.  I had to put the suffix "salts" in the subject heading for fear
you may have thought this had something to do with music!

P.s would you like a partially used bottle for free?
Russ Allison,
Dental School

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Institute of Biomedical & Life Sciences,
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