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From:Ian Montgomery

        Have to disagree with you regarding soft water areas. Here in sunny Glasgow the water is as soft as a babies bottom and it blues haematoxylin beautifully. In 36 years I've never used or had to use a tap water substitute. I think  Carolyn has another wee problem.

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> You have probably thought of this, but just in case - how are you blueing
> the haematoxylin? If you are in a soft-water area, tap water alone won't
> work; you need to use lithium carbonate or Scott's tap-water substitute,
> some other alkaline mix.
> Lesley Weston.
> on 28/01/2003 4:14 AM, Demarinis,Carolyn at cdemarinis@SARATOGACARE.ORG
> wrote:
> > Each time we perform a Masson Trichrome stain, the nuclei are bright
red.  I
> > have used Polyscientific and Sigma kits, with both Weigerts and Harris
> > Hematoxylin.  Can anyone offer any suggestions?
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