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Hello Histonetters!
An interesting development in search for bgal antibody that works in paraffin embedded tissue.

antibody from Developmental Studies Hybridoma Lab, 40-1a is working well and reliably in mouse embryos fixed in Dent's, with citrate solution boiling. Also able to use x-gal staining in Dent's fixed embryos, but not as intense as 4% para fixed.

I am still working on getting reliable bgal antibody results in para fixed, paraffin embedded.  Will keep you posted.  Thanks to Carl , Gayle, Donna, Hiro and so many others who have offered advice on antibodies and antigen retrieval.  I may finish this thesis yet!  Maureen @ East Carolina University.

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Subject: anti beta galactosidase immunos

Fellow techs,
Does anyone have a anti beta galactosidase immuno stain procedure for ffpe mouse tissue that you are willing to share? I have a PI who is looking for a procedure.
Ron Martin, HTL (ASCP)
Research Associate

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