Space requirements

From:Tim Webster

Oops.  Sorry to those of you that had to hunt for the previous message!

Hi All,

Does anybody have a reference as to how much space is reccommended for each
tech in a histo lab? Our workload has grown by 150% in 6 years, and the
space next to us is now up for grabs.  I want to put together a proposal for
the room, but would like something more compelling than "We want it".  Does
anybody have something that says "You need "X" amount of space per "Y"
techs/cases/blocks etc.  Clearly, we can document our growth and project
continued increases, but it is now quite frantic in there, and I feel it's a
real safety issue.

Thanks for your ideas,

Tim Webster
Histology Specialist
Northwestern Medical Center
Fairfield Street, VT
(802) 524-1070

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