Smallpox protocols

From:"Carpenter, Judith A."

Does anyone have an established or proposed protocol for how
they will deal with tissues from a "suspicious case" in which the
clinician might suspect smallpox and who at their facility will be
vaccinated up front ?
Our facility is working on a Bioterrorism matrix determining who needs up
vaccinations should a smallpox threat present itself anywhere in
the world including the USA (our Level one).  We will be given limited
vaccine initially.
The plan goes from Level one ("Convincing Threat" up to Level six where we
have multiple
cases at our facility.
We must determine who would get the limited number of vaccinations at Level
(once we go beyond that the state will institute their plan).
We have chosen autopsy personnel and a few individuals in the Surgical
Dissection area
who might do frozen sections on suspicious cases.
Of course anytime a case is confirmed small pox we will cease to do frozens
on any
suspicious cases and will not autopsy deceased small pox victims.
I was asked to throw this question out to you folks to see if anyone else
has a protocol
we may learn from.
Appreciate your help and Happy Friday-
Jude Carpenter, BS, HTL(ASCP)
Chief Technologist
FAHC Histopathology
111 Colchester Ave.
Burlington, VT  05401

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