Re: need help F4/80

From:Dale Osborne

	I've used the rat anti-mouse F4/80 from Serotec but not from 
Accurate Scientific.  I haven't tried it on paraffin-embedded sections, 
but it did work with frozen sections.  I diluted the antibody 1:50 in PBS 
with 1% BSA.  While I haven't tried it yet on paraffin-embedded specimens, 
our normal procedure for antigen retrieval is the following:  Bring 0.01M 
citrate ph6 to a boil in a microwave oven.  Put the slides in the citrate 
(we use Coping jars) and heat at 10% (i.e. 110W) for 10 minutes.  Then 
allow the slides in the citrate to cool at room temperature for 20 minutes
before continuing with PBS rinse.

May you have success,
Dale Osborne
Washington Univ. School of Medicine
St. Louis, MO

On Thu, 9 Jan 2003, Robert Schoonhoven wrote:

> Mouse IHC folks:
> Has anyone had any luck with the rat anti mouse F4/80 (Accurate Scientific)?
> This one just doesn't want to work for me on formalin fixed paraffin sections.
> In brief I've tried the following:
> Pretreatment with trypsin, HEIR citrate, and proteinase
> primary dilution's of 1:50, 100 & 500
> If anyone has had any good results using this antibody please contact me.
> Thanks,
> Bob
> Robert Schoonhoven
> Laboratory of Molecular Carcinogenesis
> University of North Carolina
> 919-966-6343

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