Re: em question

From:Roger Moretz

As far as I know, you have done nothing wrong.  Mold
happens--even in cacodylate buffer--sometimes in low
concentrations of glutaraldehyde.  Try filtering the
buffer before use, use conditions as sterile as
possible, but years of experience have shown me that
it can and does happen.

Roger Moretz, Ph.D.
Dept of Toxicology
Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals

--- wrote:
> Dear EM users,
> I am a novice em user and have recently noticed mold
> growing on my cassettes stored in Cacodylate Buffer.
> Can anyone tell me what I have done wrong? The
> following is the recipe for the buffer I used.
> 21.4g sodium cacodylate in 1000ml dw (0.1M) pH
> adjusted to 7.4
> 55g sucrose
> 0.2gm Calcium Chloride stored in refrigerator.
> Thanks for your help,
> Sue Tyler HT (ASCP)
> Oxford Laboratory
> 904 South Morris Street
> Oxford, MD 21654
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