Re: burnt? tissue

From:Lesley Weston

on 14/01/2003 2:19 PM, at

> Can anyone tell me what might be causing this problem with my slides. I think
> it has something to do with processing, not heat artifact.
> Any suggestions would be most helpful.
> thanx,
> steve
A suggestion - please don't send pictures to the group. Some of us have
dial-up connections; I've just had to go through all sorts of manoeuvres to
get my mail without wasting all that time downloading your four Meg. To post
your pictures so that those members of the group who can and will help you
can see them, put them on a web page and give just the URL in your message.
If that's not possible, offer to e-mail them to anyone who is interested.

Lesley Weston.

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