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From:Melissa Jensen

We just had the same problem..Called support..No errors showed up on vip.
1.After an error is goes to the bottom line and stays..[where you
2.If you don't hear the beep or don't read the bottom line,,,just hit
another bottom to continue..the processor thinks you have corrected the
error and goes with the new command.
We had a problem in station 3...3 of them actually.We didn't know.We went to
error log nothing.Tech gave us a password code to our instrument.It was
there logged in..
We were advised to always read the message line at the bottom of the screen
before proceeding with the next step.....That means ya don't come in in the
am and hit drain retort...ya look first..Hope this helps!
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Sent: Monday, January 13, 2003 4:43 PM
Subject: VIP-5 Owners

> I've been off the Histonet for an extended period of time, so forgive me
if this subject is a repeat.
> We have had some problems with several VIP 5 processors, without error
codes showing.  To determine if we have an employee problem instead of an
instrument problem, I'd like to check with other users of the new
instrument.  I  (There are no problems with the older versions of the VIP).
If you have had any issues with the instrument, would you send your
responses to me please.
> Thank you.
> Marilyn Gamble
> Quality Assurance Coordinator, Cellular Pathology
> Regional Reference Laboratory, Sherman Way
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