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From:Melissa Jensen

WE had the same problem last week and today.It took 4 of us to try to get
that bottle out! That is nuts! Called in..Tech support said remove
bottle[lol]..than wipe the back the of the bottle [insert] with xylene and a
non lint gauze.Than grease the insert...Never use anything that is not lint
free....They say the insert connector tends to dry out....I didn't take the
call so I have no clue what kind of grease they mean..I'm going to call
tomorrow..Co worker found some in Chemistry and that's what we used
today..may have to make this a monthly thing...Hope this helps...-----
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Sent: Monday, January 13, 2003 5:42 PM
Subject: RE: VIP-5 Owners

> Marilyn,
> I have had the VIP since Oct 02 . Have no processing problems but I have
> three reagent bottles that I cannot remove. Sakura is sending a tech to
> the problem.
> Cynthia Favara
> 903 South 4th Street
> Hamilton, MT 59840
> 406-363-9317
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> Subject: VIP-5 Owners
> I've been off the Histonet for an extended period of time, so forgive me
> this subject is a repeat.
> We have had some problems with several VIP 5 processors, without error
> showing.  To determine if we have an employee problem instead of an
> instrument problem, I'd like to check with other users of the new
> instrument.  I  (There are no problems with the older versions of the
> If you have had any issues with the instrument, would you send your
> responses to me please.
> Thank you.
> Marilyn Gamble
> Quality Assurance Coordinator, Cellular Pathology
> Regional Reference Laboratory, Sherman Way
> (818) 503-7029, tieline 397
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