Re: VIP-5 Owners

From:Ross Stapf

We have 1 of the VIP 5's.  The only problem we had was early on we were using an older formalin concentrate which had precipitate (I guess it was buffer salts) and the lines were getting clogged with the precipitate with the appropriate error codes.  After switching back to premade formalin for the processor there were no problems.

The company even sent service out to ensure that it was only the buffer salts and nothing was physically wrong, even though I told them I thought it was just the formalin we were using.

What problem are you having? 

Ross Stapf
Histology Supervisor 
Washington Adventist Hospital
Takoma Park MD

>>> "Gamble,Marilyn S"  01/13/03 05:43PM >>>
I've been off the Histonet for an extended period of time, so forgive me if this subject is a repeat.   

We have had some problems with several VIP 5 processors, without error codes showing.  To determine if we have an employee problem instead of an instrument problem, I'd like to check with other users of the new instrument.  I  (There are no problems with the older versions of the VIP).  If you have had any issues with the instrument, would you send your responses to me please.  
Thank you.

Marilyn Gamble
Quality Assurance Coordinator, Cellular Pathology 
Regional Reference Laboratory, Sherman Way 
(818) 503-7029, tieline 397 

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