Re: Methacarn

From:Geoff McAuliffe

    Methacarn is just Carnoy's fixative with methanol instead of ethanol. Said to harden less.

Methanol  60 ml
Cholorform  30 ml
Glacial acetic acid 10 ml

Fix thin slices 6-8 hours, then 2 changes of methanol, one hour each, then several changes of methyl benzoate, clear as usual, infiltrate and embed.

Puchtler et al., Histochemie 21:97-116, 1970.

Christie M Quinlan wrote:

I was wondering if anyone has a good source for Methacarn fixative, or a
good protocol for making it.  Also, any fixation procedures would be
extremely helpful.

Christie Quinlan
W.L. Gore & Assoc.

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