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From:Melissa Jensen

We do them on both and use Pearls method..[Prussian blue] No probs.
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Subject: Fe stain on BM

> I would like to know if other labs are doing iron stains on the clot and
> of bone marrow biopsies.
> We normally do a Prussian blue iron stain on the clot, core, and 1 smear.
> Today one our pathologist said they read that this stain actually does not
> stain iron in bone cores and clots. Our control is liver and processed in
> same manner as the clot, and the only difference with the core is the
> minute decal we do just prior to cutting (after processing and embedding).
> Are we in fact getting false negatives?
> Should I be doing a different stain for iron in bone core biopsies?
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> P.S.  I have seen positive staining in some cores here, but the
> claimed that was erroneous staining!
> Cindy DuBois, HT
> Delta Pathology Assoc.
> Stockton, CA
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