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Re: Cryostats
Hi Frozen Sectioners,
I need some advice on cryostats. We are about to purchase one, I have bids and descriptions in hand but would like input from actual users, not just sales reps (who all think theirs is the best) These are the 4 that I am considering and what I have heard about them. Can anyone please confirm/deny what I have heard and let me in on the "real story" about reliability, ease of service, excellence of cutting, etc. We are a research institute and the machine will have multiple users who will be cutting everything from fatty tissue to bone and cartilage. We will be using disposable blades

Leica 1900:I heard the lateral displacement knife holder was absolutely fantastic and gave great sections. Does any other cryostat have a feature like that? the Leica service reps were easy to get hold of and did a great job. Whaddya think?

Shandon Cryotome E: I heard that the microtome being outside of the cryochamber was a great thing that was easier to clean and better for the instrument. Frost buildup is not a problem. Their technical service group is really easy to work with for problems and very supportive. What's up with the built in formalin fumigation?

Hacker Bright OTF 5000/LS: Do not tend to frost up. VERY dependable and last forever. New parts can be put into old cryostats. The one person that had experience with one of them here said she loved it! Great sections. Free service training for one of our technicians with the purchase of a service manual? Yahoo! That would be me.....

Microm HM 505: I heard they ice up frequently.Don't know much about service and reliability. One lab here said they could be finicky and hers had some quirks...

Thanks in advance for all of your comments and suggestions. Please respond ASAP as I have to make a recommendation to the boss soon!
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