Re: Claw from dogs,

From:Nancy E Weber


What works pretty good, is to place the nail into a weigh boat and
completely submerge it in Nair, the hair removal product you can usually get
in any pharmaceutical section of any store. You should cover the weigh boat
in plastic  so the Nair doesn't dry out as fast. It takes a few days, but
keep iit in the Nair until the toenail becomes pretty pliable, then process
as usual.  The Nair helps to break down the keratin.

Nancy Weber
Research Associate
Veterinary Clinical Sciences
Ohio State University
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  Sent: Friday, January 10, 2003 10:21 AM
  Subject: Claw from dogs,

  I am working in a Clinical Veterinary histo pathology lab.

  From time to time we get claw from dog

  And we have some problem to section this, we try decalcified the specimens
but I don't works we also got e tip that cede wood oil could works, but no

  Is there someone, which have some useful tips for this kind of specimens?

  Britt-Marie Smedberg

  BioVet AB

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