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From:Greg Dobbin

Hi Montse,
It really depends on what species your tissue is, but that is not to 
say the Ab must necessarily be against the same species. Let me 
explain, if you are staining human tissue, probably any COX-2 Ab 
developed against human COX-2 will work. Similarly, I found that in 
staining rodent tissues for COX-2 an Ab to murine COX-2 worked 
well. However for canine tissues, the murine one did not work for 
me, but a human one did.

I would suggest finding out what others have used for similar work, 
either from the literature or hopefully from here on th Histonet.
Good luck.

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> Hi Histonetters,
> Can somebody help me with the antibody Cox-2? Which is the best antibody if
> we work with paraffin embedded tissues? And the protocol?
> Thanks in advanced.
> Montse
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