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From:"Weems, Joyce"

The only  thing we charge is the professional fee.

Joyce Weems
Pathology Manager
Saint Joseph's Hospital of Atlanta
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From: 	Janice A Mahoney [] 
Sent:	Friday, January 10, 2003 3:16 PM
Subject:	Autopsy Cost

Does anyone know of any benchmarks for the cost of doing an Autopsy.  
I am not asking what to charge patients.  I'm asking what the overhead
(we do not charge for Autopsies.)  We currently have a Medical School
perform our Autopsies and may need to bring them back "in house".  I
need a general idea.  We currently do not even maintain a morgue, it is
used for storage.  
Please let me know if the price you give includes professional costs.
Thanks in advance.
Jan Mahoney
Omaha NE

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