Formaldehyde nomenclature (was Help with a fixative)

From:Laurie Reilly

Dear Histonetters,
The confusion surrounding the use of the words "formalin" and 
"formaldehyde" is obvious from Charles' question and Katri's answer.
The undergraduate and graduate students at this University have just as 
much trouble and I find myself frequently having to reach for pencil and 
paper to give an explanation, which is hopefully, but not always, understood.

May I suggest a radical solution to the problem?
We could take the word "formalin" out of the English language.

Then the concentrate would remain as 40%Formaldehyde solution and the 
fixative we commonly use would be 4% Neutral Buffered Formaldehyde. I am 
now labelling containers with 4% Buffered Formaldehyde and 10% formalin 
because that terminology is so ingrained. How many generations do you think 
it might take to change the mindset away from "formalin"?

Regards,   Laurie.

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